Why smart contract audits are so important

This month marked a significant milestone for Boson Protocol’s tech team — the successful audit of our smart contract for the $BOSON token by blockchain security specialists CertiK.

Why was this audit so important? While our engineering team has implemented the highest standards in development and testing, there is nothing like having a team of highly qualified security specialists who have not seen your code before scrutinize your work and probe for any vulnerabilities.

Blockchain is a special type of software. You can’t do a hotfix if something goes wrong: once deployed, it is out there for ever. One of…

Boson Protocol, the dCommerce primitive that solves the digital to physical redemption problem, is delighted to announce that YOP the DeFi yield aggregation platform and protocol will become a Boson Protocol ecosystem partner.

YOP will provide farming and staking aggregation to Boson Protocol ecosystem participants, for example, for buyers, sellers, balancer pools and automated market makers (AMMs). YOP and Boson Protocol will also explore how custom DeFi NFTs that are interoperable across networks could allow users to claim access to tiers of services in the YOP application and outside of the platform.

YOP is a Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol…

Designing Boson Protocol and Challenging Assumptions

Boson Protocol’s vision is to enable a decentralized commerce ecosystem by funding and enabling the development of a stack of specialist applications to disrupt, demonopolize and democratize commerce. This vision requires a team of experts to challenge the status quo and innovate.

As one of the leading systems engineers in crypto, we are very grateful to have Dr Michael Zargham on board supporting us in designing Boson Protocol and challenging our assumptions.

Get to know Dr Michael Zargham

Michael holds a systems engineering PhD from the University of Pennsylvania where his focus was on optimization and control of decentralized systems with Ali Jadbabaie. …

It’s an exciting day for the engineering team here at Boson Protocol as it marks our biggest tech launch to date.

We have been working hard and recently announced the successful audit of our smart contract for the $BOSON token by blockchain security specialists CertiK. The audit means we can look forward to building a great product on the most solid foundations.

Today we are proud to announce:

  1. The launch of our Documentation Website
  2. The Github repository release of our Core Smart Contracts (v0.1)

Boson Protocol Documentation Site Launch

We have developed a documentation site which provides both technical and non-technical documentation about our core…

Partnerships and integrations are key to the development of the Web3 ecosystem.

We cannot challenge the e-commerce monopolies by creating our own monoliths. Instead, we believe in developing a foundational infrastructure on which other teams and entrepreneurs can build, and composable pieces (think dCommerce lego blocks) that fit together with existing products and protocols.

At Boson Protocol, our vision is to create an open tokenized economy for commerce.

To develop the vibrant dCommerce Ecosystem we envision, we are working on a whole series of integrations and partnerships, but this is one of the most exciting:

Boson is building its Web3 commerce data marketplace on Ocean Protocol.

Just as Amazon uses data to give recommendations to customers, Boson’s dCommerce marketplace needs data too. It has both supply and demand of data: supply via past customer behavior, and more…


The $BOSON token is the core economic unit of the Boson ecosystem. Growth in the value of the network is driven by establishing an economic flywheel, following the dCommerce sustainability.

On April 1st, we will begin our community token distribution. In this distribution we will make 6 million $BOSON tokens available for sale, which will become immediately available for use by our token holders at the conclusion of the sale process.

>> To access our Public Sale page , visit:


Sale format: Batch auction

We will be using the newly announced Flash sale Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) which provides a fair, transparent way…

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Connecting smart contracts to real world commerce and its data. Whitepaper:http://bossonprotocol.io https://t.me/BOSONPROTOCOLOFFlCIAL

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