Hello world: launching our core repo and developer docs v0.1

  1. The launch of our Documentation Website
  2. The Github repository release of our Core Smart Contracts (v0.1)

Boson Protocol Documentation Site Launch

  • Protocol overview
  • Core concepts
  • Advanced topics
  • Governance
  • Roadmap
  • FAQs
  • How to contribute
  • Code of Conduct.

v0.1 release of the core Boson Protocol smart contracts

  • BosonRouter: user interface of Boson Protocol
  • Cashier: escrow and funds management
  • ERC1155ERC721: token factory
  • FundLimitsOracle: restrictions on the allowed escrowed amounts
  • VoucherKernel: main business logic
  • UsingHelpers: common utilities
  • The price of the asset
  • The Seller’s deposit
  • The Buyer’s deposit

Exchange mechanism


Wait periods

  • the Voucher’s validity period: the start and end dates when the voucher can be redeemed
  • the complain period: during which the Buyer can complain
  • the cancelOrFault period: during which the Seller can issue a cancel-or-fault transaction

Voucher lifecycle

  • Committed
  • Redeemed
  • Refunded
  • Expired
  • Complained
  • Cancel or Fault
  • Final

Services in the background

Happy path

About Boson Protocol

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